There are several areas where we can be of help


We assume you have your ideas to improve your organization. We are happy to discuss these with you as a “sparring partner”.  We can take an overall look at your organization – analyse numbers, diagnose and quantify improvement potential and discuss plans and timelines to execute it.


We can help with expansion – brownfield and greenfield,  Post Merger Integration, and new products.  Do you want to expand your operations outside of your home country?  

We can help you do it.  We will help you review your strategy, run scenario analysis, help with feasibility studies and business cases.  We can help you to better understand the country you plan to enter, the related costs, taxes and other issues that may influence your business.  There are countries that we understand quite well and have excellent local contacts (the Netherlands, Brazil, Colombia or South Africa), but most importantly we know what needs to be done to understand any given country. 

We can help you choose a location for your plant, set up project structures, define the approach to recruiting and training people.  Point your attention to things that you may not have thought of before. 


We can help you with integrating the acquired organization to your group.  We use structured methodology.  We start with cultural aspects, because we recognize that culture eats performance for breakfast. 


We can help you implement or review World Class Manufacturing systems / Best Practices. 

We believe such programs are no longer optional, but “table-stakes” if one wants to be a serious player in today’s competitive world.  Without this it is almost impossible to keep inefficiencies (and so cost) under control. 

We can review what you have or design a structured approach for you.  We can be your consultant or work with the one you have.  Most importantly we can support and grow your in-house team, share our know-how and materials and help you develop yours. 


We can help you review and design your maintenance approach. This can be done as part of WCM Program, in parallel or in a “stand alone” way. 


We can review processes within the Supply Chain including Demand Forecasting, Sales & Operations Planning, Strategic Inventory Management, logistics, warehousing, procurement and general lowering of company operational costs.


We can review your procurement department and sourcing practices.  There may or may not be some savings there.  Most often there are opportunities.  Purchasing is no longer a simple trade-off between quality and price.  Very often the best quality is affordable at most reasonable price.  


Do you understand the climate in your organization? Do your managers know their leadership styles?  Are your employees motivated? How does that impact the effectiveness of your operation. Over the years we have learned and confirmed, over and over again, that people are the key.  The level of their involvement and motivation is key to long-term effectiveness of your operations.  Top management cannot directly control all costs, all details, but they can create a climate where empowered and motivated employees at all levels will take care of waste, losses and inefficiencies and will constantly strive to improve operations. 

We can help you review your HR systems, climate and management styles as good HR is the foundation of every effective organization. 


Do you understand the full impact of what you do to the environment?  Probably not.  Nobody actually does.  Our civilization is only now beginning to understand the results of our actions.  We can help you see the bigger picture of the effects and furnish it with numbers.  It may turn out that your impact can become your marketing leverage.  It may turn out that there are ways you can improve it.  


Let us talk, we have a proven track record of doing very well things that we have not done previously.  We are very effective when tackling new and complex challenges .   We are pioneers and innovators by nature and so always design a unique approach rather than using repeatable “cut and paste” solutions.  We can help you with lots of other interesting things.