This is now table-stakes to be in the game – we can help you with your Operational Excellence program of your choice or help you custom design one. This is what we have been doing for almost 20 years. There are tons of books, and available materials. We can help you navigate through these ideas, inform you from experience with respect to what usually works and what does not, What are the common mistakes and traps. What is quintessential and what you can let go. What can wait and for how long and what cannot. Set the priorities.
We can help you with the program, direct you to the firms we know do that well or we can work with the company that presently supports you.
But whatever you do and whatever your situation is we will always tell you that People Matter. Effective organization is the organization of motivated, empowered, responsible and properly skilled, people. Whatever your starting point is, as long as you are determined to set that direction we will help you navigate to success.


A manufacturing organization is a physical system with complex interactions. There are aspects that obey by the rules of physics and can be expressed in numbers and there are many “soft” aspects that can also significantly affect the numbers, but these soft aspects are more difficult to measure.
What we always try to do is to look at the organization as a whole, analyse and put numerical values to improvement potential and then prioritize improvement opportunities.


What is needed to build an effective organization is a balanced step-by-step approach. In particular, in all cases work must be done on foundations, which is often neglected. We can try to illustrate it in a form of a cascade:
An organization will not be effective in the long term in a sustainable way without effective operations, and good planning.
The above is not possible without effective teamwork, well-organized clean and safe workplace, people who solve problems and look for improvements, safety being a clear priority for everyone.
The above is not possible without motivated and skilled employees, clear structures, roles and responsibilities
The above is not possible without leadership skills and ability to manage change effectively.


What is not measured cannot be improved. But do you really measure that what matters? Do you understand the numbers in your organization? Do you have a logical system of KPI’s that describes your organization well? Are they cascaded down properly? Do they measure what they are supposed to? Can employees influence them? Are you sure that the raw data are keyed in correctly? Do you understand the measurement systems? Does it motivate people to do things that are beneficial to the organization as a whole or just to their small piece?

Whatever we, do we start with understanding the numbers in your organization. Available data, their accuracy, measurement systems and KPIs. We try to take 3D x-ray image of the organization. But at the same time we start with talking to people. They have their ideas, views, suggestions. And if they are afraid to talk, that is also very important information.


Management by objectives is passe’. Welcome to the new paradigm of Management by Motivation.

There are many books and papers addressing this issue. It is important to understand organizational climate and management styles, what “colour” the organization is. This gives the basis for honest discussion about the direction of the possible change of the organization. Different styles work in different cultures. Clarity is so important because it is clarity that influences the climate the most.


In the past we have put a lot of focus on motivating people so they do their work effectively. But what if the work can be done by robots or automation? We live in times, where for most companies finding more people is a key barrier to growth. While at first it is natural to look at robots as job thieves – like ancient Brits looked at James Watt’s steam machines – almost everybody come to the realization, that they take the job nobody really wants and frees people to carry on with more meaningful tasks and everybody benefits in the long run.
In present projects we suggest performing an assessment of what can be robotized at the moment, and what can be feasible in the foreseeable future.


We strive to help clients understand the impact of what they do. To show in numbers the effect of some planned changes. We can help you with environmental assessments of planned new investment.